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About Us

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Our Mission

At Penelope T, we hope to bring joy to those who shop with us by offering fantastic service and amazing products. We aim to inspire women to love what they wear every single day. We believe that feeling good in your clothes can positively change you and those around you. We want you to put on our clothes and feel like the world is your oyster, and you make it that much more of a beautiful place to live.

The Product

We are a women’s clothing and accessories boutique with two locations in Florida. We have curated a selection of merchandise from both big and small contemporary designers who inspire us. We bring high quality, creative merchandise with great design to our customers and give them pieces they never knew they needed but can’t live without.

Our Story

Manne and Nickie met in college and quickly became friends over their shared love of fashion and travel. They moved to New York together to pursue their careers in the clothing industry; Manne in sales, and Nickie in design. They truly loved NYC, but life brought them back to Florida in 2005.

Many times over the years they discussed how incredible it would be to combine their interests and backgrounds and start a business together. Leaving New York opened up the door to make that dream a reality. They wanted to create a space where women could feel good about experimenting with different looks and find their own personal style, rather than dress like everyone else.

Penelope T was born November of 2005, named after 60‘s It-girl and style icon Penelope Tree.